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Welcome to ecaccess. Those willing to help women get EC, please comment with your location. Those who need EC, please make a post with your location, how long it's been since you had sex, and what you've already tried (see the community userinfo for details). Any questions, comments, ideas, etc. can be directed to me.
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Hi there. I'm Gracie, I'm in Texas, and I will help women obtain EC.

I am a women's health specialist by profession and am happy to answer any questions women may have relating to EC :)
Wow, fantastic! Also great that you are from Texas...see this post. :)

Thanks for joining!
Hmm...says "403 Forbidden." It's a TX specific link, I presume? ;)
Hmm, how bizarre! It works for me. But it's just a link to the post above this one, which you've already commented on. :)
This is such a fantastic idea. Should we email our locations, so you have them all known, or just wait for the need to arise?
If you're comfortable sending me your location, I will certainly keep a list of contacts. Otherwise, I thought I'd just post calls for help here (or let women post here themselves) and with luck, we'll have members from everywhere. :)

Thanks so much for joining!
willing to help in Madison, WI
Fantastic idea. I'm in for central Ohio.
I'm willing to help. Check out my blog for a recent article relating to this topic and more about my history.
I'm in Mississippi, and run prochoicemississippi.org

Princeton's information was grossly out of date the last time I checked, but Planned Parenthood's advocacy program has a Pill Patrol campaign running on all large-scale pharmacy companies.
NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota is working on that in our state, as well.
Count me in from Kitsap County, WA.
I'm confused: are you asking for people who are willing to break the law to get OTC emergency contraception for minors?
I'm asking for people who are willing to help women (not necessarily minors, but certainly not excluding them) in their area get EC.
I see.

I think what you're doing is an excellent idea, but some of us with more public lives/organizations can't condone breaking the law, no matter how entirely insane and irresponsible it is.
Pretty simple, then don't. Access is more than just physically handing someone pills, as far as I'm concerned.
I think awareness (tons of people here think EC is illegal, for instance, which is something that I feel very strongly about and do my best to educate people about) and helping people find physicians and health care providers (particularly people who will prescribe EC in a prevention/non-emergency situation) is an excellent resource.

I think if we're wandering into the area of obtaining pills for people who may or may not be of legal age, you're running a huge risk of being set up by anti-EC advocates. I'd hate to see your well-intentioned cause get turned against a community member.
I understand your concern. I'll try to send you an e-mail sometime this week giving you more info on my position (I have a trial on Thursday that's kind of consuming my life, so after that).
I would like to help. I am in Milwaukee, WI.
And I am a master-s level health educator.
Happy to help out in Washington, DC!
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